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11yr old Gaddafi dies from his injuries after he had his legs amputated following horrific beating at school


Mohamed Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, 11, had his legs amputated after he sustained serious injuries following an alleged beating by staff at a school in Malaysia. He was then placed in an induced coma and doctors planned to amputate an arm but he succumbed to his injuries and gave up the ghost.

He had been fighting for his life for a month. Police say the boy and 14 others were lashed with a water hose because they made a noise in the school’s Islamic assembly building.

His parents Mohd Ghadiffi Mat Karim, 43, and his mother Felda Wani Ahmad were with him when he breathed his last. Mr Karim said the family had accepted his son’s death as fate.
The 29yr old suspect in the case, who has served a two-year jail sentence in the past and has a criminal record for theft has been remanded by police.

The boy’s auntie Nurul Nabilah Ahmad, 30, said he was taken to hospital after suffering severe pain which emerged days after he was beaten at the religious school in Kota Tinggi.

Doctors were monitoring a blood clot in his left shoulder and were planning to operate on it but his  condition was never stable enough to take him into surgery and he died hours later.

Thaqif’s legs were amputated earlier to stop infection spreading and he had undergone surgery a day after he was admitted to treat congealed blood in one of his hands.


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