John Kerry Visits Nigeria

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has reacted bitterly to the visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry to the Sultan of Sokoto, Abubakar Saad, calling it discriminatory.

Rev. Dr. Supo Ayokunle, president of CAN, was reported to have vented his displeasure to journalist

Ayokunle said ignoring the Christian body, Kerry and his home government do not respect Nigeria’s diversity.

“Why did he meet with 19 states governors, without southern governors, is Nigeria the north alone, why did you go to the north alone?,” Ayokunle was quoted in the statement as saying.

“There’s a siege on Christians. Kerry’s actions speak volume, his body language was very divisive.

“If US Secretary of States is coming for official visit, it’s understandable, but we demand explanation why he was selective. Has the Sultan Palace become another State House? Was Kerry invited by the Sultan?

“We have 36 States in Nigeria; he only selected northern governors to meet with them. It was a visit to the north, not to Nigeria. It was surely a very divisive visit”.

The clergyman added: “With the visit to the north, Kerry’s visit has heightened fear and tension among Christians in Nigeria, if they cannot bring us together, they should not interfere in our affairs”.

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