chloe khan

story on The Sun online about Chloe contains many false statements.
Chloe’s ex Mr Hough split from Chloe over 7 years ago and knows nothing
about her personal life, financial status, etc. Furthermore, Chloe’s
webcam business ‘Everyone’s Secret’ DOES exist and is live!”

Khan’s ex boyfriend has slammed her ‘self-made millionaire’ status and
claimed her entire online persona is a sham, but the star has furiously
denied the accusations.

The Celebrity Big Brother star
had a six-year relationship with Ian Hough – with whom she had a
daughter Destiny – and he has now said her lavish lifestyle is “fake” in
a series of extraordinary accusations.

Speaking to The
Sun after Chloe claimed visa problems were preventing her from
returning to the US, he hit out and claimed she never actually moved

Chloe-Khan-instagram pose

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