35 year old who has never had a boyfriend

Addie has never been intimate with another man because of her self-esteem issues.

This is story of a 35-year-old lady who was born with a conjoined twin attached to her buttock has never had a boyfriend because of her condition.

Addie reveals that her deformity means she’s never wanted to be intimate with anyone before and has barely had a social life because she was bullied.

Appearing on Botched By Nature, she’s hoping that Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif can finally help fix it.

Talking about her condition, Addie’s mum reveals she didn’t know she had conjoined twins until Addie was born.

“I had an ultrasound and they didn’t see it. They just saw the one, healthy baby,” she tells the doctors.

“So it must have been quite a shock when Addie was born and they suddenly scooped her away. What happened?” Dr. Dubrow asks.

“They told me that it was a Siamese twin. But I never got to see it because they always kept it wrapped. They wouldn’t let me see it.”

“They probably knew that the twin wasn’t viable. And in your condition, having just delivered, they probably didn’t want to upset you.”

Addie then reveals that her deformity wasn’t that much of an issue until she reached her teens.

“When I got dressed for PE, the girls knew it. They noticed me. They started teasing me and started calling me hurtful names.

“The reason I’m so shy is because the bullying caused me to isolate myself from everyone. I didn’t want to get hurt anymore,” she reveals.
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