Nigerians blast Oby Ezekwesili over Chibok girls scam

Oby Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili, convener of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) has come under fire from a section of Nigerians who accuse her of championing a course that is a ruse.

She has been accused of championing a course that is a fraud.

The attack on Ezekwesili is sequel to reports that parents of the missing Chibok girls refused to take part in the BBOG group match to Aso Rock on Monday, August 22.

According to the leader of the missing girls parents, Yakubu Nkeki, who lives in Chibok, the parents of the abducted girls held a meeting in Chibok last week and decided that they would not attend the match.

Nkeki explained that the parents came to the decision because they did not want to provoke the government which is in the best position to help them find their missing daughters.

However, some Nigerians have interpreted the decision of the parents of the missing Chibok girls to boycott the match to Aso Rock on Monday, August 22, as an indication that the Chibok girls kidnap saga is a scam.

They called on the organisers of the BBOG group and the parents to immediately tender an apology for using the BBOG tag to ruin the Jonathan administration.

See reactions derived from Naij.com news portal below:

Ogboche Moru Edor: “This is one of the reasons why people are always asking if they are truly missing. This government during their campaign including chibok parents put GEJ under more pressure and did not care about his happiness why must this be different? The parents and the organisers should simply apologise and tell us it was a scam.”

Joseph Alaekwe: “Oby Ezekwesili how market? Foolish woman who doesn’t know that chibok girls issue is a scam. You must find them because you said gej didn’t do anything so you must go back to them and find the girls.”

Iyke Henry: “When will Ezekwesili buy knowledge for herself on this chibok girls scam story,there is nothing like missing girls believe it or not is a scam and boko haram is part of buhari creature all bcos he want power.”

Onyedikachi Moses Okoronkwo: “Ezekwesili would learn a lesson from these betrayal & hypocritical behavior by those she’s been spending her resources for. No one who accused Jonathan’s administration on selfish ground that will not receive his/her reward. Ezekwesili continue till they accused you of knowing the whereabouts of the alleged missing Chibok girls.”

Obyno Kenny: “Nobody is missing.Oby they have used u to get they mission.Chibok girls is fraud.They use u to rubbish Goodluck government.And now,parents of the so called chibok girls fraud.Buhari and his people has used u and dumped u.Learn from ur mistake.”

Kingsley Ejiofor: “She ain’t seen nothing, she is totally disappointed.
Again Buhari should not forget that IGBO proverb says”when a dog gets hunger it bites the owner.”

Peres Keme: “I keep submitting that Chibok girls issue is a scam from Northerners & Oby Okwasili group to unseat Ex-President GEJ now it’s becoming so glaring now. That’s serve’s Oby Okwasili right…Nonetity.”

Sati Daniel: “Imagine the statements of those parents. So they are afraid of putting pressure on the Federal Government because they don’t want to annoy Buhari, but supported the BBOG campaign during GEJ. Anyway I don’t blame them; I doubt if really their daughters are missing, and if at all their daughters are missing, no body should be worried on how to bring them back. For Ezekwesili, I think she has not yet seen anything. Time shall tell.”

Simeon Ezehchika: “There is nothing like missing chibok girls, all is a scam to collect power. But now we are all facing it, because the devil you know is far better than the angels that you don’t know.”

Obuka Nonso: “Madam Oby, you can organise and lead a protest for enhanced salary payment for Nigerian civil servants. That will help your political resurrection and relevance. Chibok girls seems to be a cheap scam.”

Ifechukwu Victor Ifechukwu: “Little did she know that chibok was a scam and the required objective has been achieved. ….. Madam power has gone back to the North pls come back home.”

Kevin Ifeanyi C-kon Francis: “I dey laugh in spanish.ezekwesili have made herseld a fool.never trust an hausa fulani person when it comes to issues thar concerns them.”

Kcee Onyeazor: “Madam Oby, you ain’t seeing nothing yet. You’re now receiving insults from the people you are better than, that will make you feel very little. Next time you do your calculations very well.”

Joy Amarachi Azubuike Uzoho: “Good for her. When u join forces and fight ur own brother, the consequences of what u did are lining up. Life is turn by turn. Betrayer, u were expecting appointment, wht u got was disappointment.”

Chinonso Chinwuko: “Ooh, so u people no dat chibok misisng girls is political propaganda. hmn unah wil folow goverment to ralize ur girls them put 4 under ground,GOD are watching.”

Ken Ikeobasi Oduka: “Madam Oby Ezekwesili use ur brain O! Before dis pple betray u. U know say u be Igbo woman. Ur co BBOG chairman is now NPA head. U might be left alone! Be very careful.”

Ofure Ehizibue: “From the onset, l have known dat this Chibok girls thing is a scam, now that they have successfully used mrs Oby Ezekwesili to discredit Jonathan’s govt, they are saying now that they don’t want to anger d president. If l m not mistaken, this whole Chibok drama was arranged by this present administration.”

Maureen Ezenwa: “I thought they said they have rescued one of d girls? Can’t d girl giv dem a lead.The girl’s statement is also a confirmation dat d whole thing is a scam .A lost but found person crying dat she wants to go bac to her BH hubby or be given a sewing machine to put her life bac.if truly she was lost but found she would hav ben a celeb, a world figure.”

Oshigbo Benneth: “Chinedu De fowl yash don dey open small small. Dis is really one of d reasons to believe dat Chibok issue is a scam,but the ignoramus dem will do anything to bring GEJ down and de have succeeded. Arrant nonsense!”

In a related development, Oby Ezekwesili has slammed presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu over his ‘indecorous and rumour- inspired verbal assault’ on her on Sunday, August 21.

In a statement issued by Ezekwesili on Monday, August 22, the former World Bank vice president lashed out at Shehu for not getting his facts right before speaking and for wasting his time insulting her instead of addressing more pressing matters.


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