A woman cop died after a thug spat in her face as she arrest him — causing her to contract a fatal contagious disease.

Arina Koltsova from Kiev, Ukraine, became ill after arresting a suspect on New Year’s Day – unaware that he was suffering from Tuberculosis (TB).

Popular … Arina Koltsova died after a thug spat into her face.

The thug spat on her as she was detaining him – causing her to contract the deadly disease which affects the lungs and kills about half of those untreated.

With a busy schedule and not realising that the man was fatally infected, the cop remained untreated for too long and even her colleagues did not realise how sick she was until she finally collapsed one day at work.

Top cop … Tragic Arina was popular among her colleagues.

Her on-duty partner, Officer Mikhail Kindrakevich, wrote: “She became ill after New Year’s day.

“She had arrested this guy and he spat in her face. Some time later she collapsed.

The Sun

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