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Breaking: Intense earthquake hits southern Spain forcing holidaymakers to flee

SPAIN Earthquake

SPAIN – AN intense earthquake rocked southern Spain to its core last night causing a shopping mall and a cinema to be evacuated near Gibraltar.

Emergency services were swamped with hundreds of calls from terrified locals living in the usually quiet Campo de Gibraltar.

The earth-shattering quake, which measured 3.5 on the Richter scale, rattled southern Spain – causing walls to move and plates to rattle.

The Bahia Plaza and the local cinema in the town of Los Barrios were evacuated by fearless fire crews.

Speaking with the Daily Star, resident Alicia Macías said: “I was in the patio giving my daughters their dinner when I felt the windows and the walls move.

“It was brief, but very noticeable.”

According to the National Geographical institute, the epicentre of the earthquake was in the region of San Roque at a depth of 5km.

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