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BREAKING NEWS: Jose Fernandez Died Of Trauma From Accident, Not Drowning


Authorities have finally shed some light on what exactly killed Jose Fernandez. The star pitcher for the Miami Marlins perished in a terrible boating accident, but his death came from trauma, not from drowning. Click for more details.

Jose’s life was ended not by drowning in the waters of Government Cut, but from trauma caused by the Sept. 25 boating accident. The 24-year-old star pitcher for the Miami Marlins died along with Emilio Macias, 27, and Eduardo Rivero, 25, after their boat capsized on a Miami Beach jetty, according to Lorenzo Veloz of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, per Mashable.

The three men were traveling at “full speed,” which was between 55 and 65 miles per hour, when the boat hit the jetty. The high-speed collision caused the boat to flip over and crash upon the rocks, resulting in three young lives being cut way too short.

“It does appear that speed was involved due to the impact and the severity of it,” Lorzeno said when describing the crash. He also noted that none of the men were wearing life jackets and Jose wasn’t behind the wheel during the crash. The ownership of the boat is in question, as Lorenzo reportedly said Jose didn’t own the boat. Yet the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said in a statement to HollywoodLife.com that the vehicle was registered under Jose’s name.

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