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CRAZY??? Fan disgraced Kim Kardashian in Paris

Fan tries to kiss Kim Kardashian's Bumbum

Fan tries to kiss Kim Kardashian's Bumbum

Kardashian West was almost attacked by Celebrity prankster , 27 year
old Vitalii Sediuk, when she stepped out in Paris, France, on Wednesday.
Seduik who is from Ukraine, attempted to kiss Kim’s bum as she exited a
black car and was trying to make her way into L’Avenue restaurant.

Fortunately, Kim’s security guard, Pascal Duvier, was able to grab hold of the attacker before he was able to touch her.

Kim took to her twitter account to praise her bodyguard for stopping Vitali on time. She wrote:


isn’t the first time Vitalii has targeted Kim. 2 years ago, Vitalii was
actually able to tackle Kim by grabbing onto her legs, almost pulling
her to the ground when she was in Paris.

According to
TMZ, Kim is planning to file a report with Paris PD over Vitalii
Sediuk’s latest assault. She also wants to get a restraining order
against him because he has tried to attack her 2 times now.

last week in Milan, Italy, Vitalii wrapped his arms around model, Gigi
Hadid’s waist and lifted her into the air, as she was on her way to an
event for Milan Fashion Week . Fortunately, she elbowed him until she
was able to release herself from his tight grip

                         Fan tries to kiss Kim Kardashian's Bumbum

Sediuk, is known for harassing celebrities. He was arrested for
jostling Brad Pitt at the Maleficent premiere in Hollywood, Calif. in
2014, he once jumped under America Ferrera’s dress at the How to Train
Your Dragon 2 premiere at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, and attempting
to take the Grammy trophy from Adele in 2013.

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