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Former President’s Wife N10bn hotel, Royal suite costs N367, 000 per night


YENAGOA, NIGERIA – According to punch report, a hotel room
accommodation in Dame Patience Goodluck’s hotel cost N367, 500 a night.

Who was at the Aridolf Resort Wellness and Spa, said to be owned by
former first lady, Patience Jonathan, writes about the luxury in the

From afar, the sheer magnificence of the
Aridolf Resort Wellness and Spa, strategically positioned in the heart
of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital, draws a first-time visitor into a
lavish embrace.


the most prestigious hotel in the oil-rich state, the edifice is
located in Okaka Estate, along Isaac Adaka Boro Expressway, which is
close to a popular night club, Bolex.

The five star
hotel sprawls over a large expanse of land complementing the
surroundings of the residential estate which boasts of the choicest
edifices and castles in the whole of Bayelsa.


security in the hotel has thinned out compared to what it used to be
when Goodluck Jonathan held sway as the country’s President. Reportedly
worth about N10bn, the Aridolf is said to be owned by the former First
Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan. READ MORE

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