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Noun: buhari
1. hard, hardship, difficult, harsh, tough;
e.g “The economy is now buhari for the masses”
Synonyms: onerous, strenuous, arduous
grueling, painful, hellish;
Antonyms: easy, smooth, simple.

Verb: buharify, buharicate,
2. to make complex, worse, unbearable;
e.g “Please don’t come and buharicate issues here”
“The only way to reduce applicants is to buharify the process”
Synonyms: complicate, exacerbate, degenerate;
Antonyms: simplify, ameliorate.

Adjective: buharific
3. terrible, hectic, difficult;
Synonyms: tough, back-breaking, intricate, knotty, thorny;
Antonyms: fantastic, splendid, pleasant.
e.g “How were your final exams? It was buharific!!!”

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