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cross dresser Bayo who we have previously reported on, (read here) has
come out with some hot new photos and has written a heartfelt open
letter to the public and most especially his haters. In the letter given
to LIB, he revealed to the public that he’s still a virgin and has no
tolerance for homophobic people. Read the full letter after the cut…

life is fairly bland, but it belongs to me, I’m not popular but my
friends are more than enough, saying and doing what I want and when I
want. I can hide my emotions better than anyone I know. I fight, face
and destroy, standing up for what I believe in. I have no tolerance for
rude, racist and homophobic people.’

i am a virgin

‘ I won’t admit my
faults but I do know I make mistakes, I am the sunrise after a
sleepless night blinding your eyes. If we acknowledge that physical
appearance is your primary scale value, we have to acknowledge and
respect everyone’s choice in life as equals because if everyone is
beautiful or everyone can be beautiful or everyone is beautiful to
someone it’s okay to base our entire civilization on hot or Not.’

a virgin… I am one of a kind that’s me, I am quite a find with a mix
of colour in my hair, a twinkle in my eyes, oh don’t you see? I can
catch a ball and perform talents because I know I got greatness within
 ‘I can dance a jig and still do a dab, watch me learn and
watch me grow. I can act, Did you know? I am unique and wonderful , I am
simply Me. I don’t care what you say about me, its just that you are
not as good as me.’

I am a model, Did you know? There
is a better way of looking at your critics .Tell them you are not who
they say you are but you are what you are. I want to go out with my head
 ‘I want to deserve all men’s respect, I want to be able
to title myself now to everyone out there. say to yourselves “I am the
best” I am legend. Remember “CONFESSION is POSSESSION.

Romeo I am no Juliet, I am simply Me……BAYO. Anyone who can’t see
the good in me, I am hugging them right now because I know its quite
difficult being blind….! ‘

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