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New York City Explosion: First Victim, 22, Reveals Agonizing Injuries After Blast Hit Him & Friends


One of the 29 victims of the explosion in NYC on September 17 has come forward to talk about his experience. Harris Gordon, 22, spoke out about the horror and chaos experienced in the streets during what the NY governor has described as a terrorist attack. Click through for Harris’ story.

Harris Gordon, 22, was out to dinner with a group of friends in Chelsea, in New York City, and left the restaurant around 8:30pm on West 23rd street. The recent Boston University told Daily Mail that they were walking down the street talking, when they heard a “loud bang.” They were caught in the middle of the explosion!

“Before, it was a normal night. I didn’t think anything of it. It all happened so quick,” he told DailyMail, and said that then “everything changed. Out of nowhere, there was smoke. I saw flames and glass falling. Me and my friends turned around and ran. After we ran away, me and my friends kept looking at each other and finding random cuts that we didn’t even realize were on ourselves.”

So scary! It turns out that Harris was more severely injured than he thought. “I had a cut on my back from broken glass and I didn’t feel it at all in the entire night whatsoever. Someone had to point it out,” he said. That “cut” required a trip to the hospital and nine agonizing stitches. He also suffered an abrasion on his abdomen.

Harris reported that he and his group of friends tended to their injuries as best as they could on the streets, and experienced so many strangers coming together in the emergency as a community. “People were swarming around, trying to see what happened,” he said, as the first responders and ambulances raced in. “Some people provided us with paper towels, were incredibly helpful. They really cared about our safety.”

– HollywoodLife

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