Obama verses Buhari

PLAGIARISING: Infact this has become the joke of the week. it is clearly called, ”copy copy”.
happened between President Obama’s wife Michelle and Presidential
candidate’s wife Melania Trump. It was assumed Melania copied Obama’s
wife’s speech. Haahaaha! It is laughable, But it’s, ”copy copy”

it is filtered that the speech writer for Nigerian President, Muhammadu
Buhari copied or stole some lines from President Obama’s inauguration
speech. This is the most laughable I have ever seen.
Is it that
the copicants ain’t creative enough to write or they are not paid well?
Just like what we do online here, copy one another’s article and re-edit
it. I understand the blogging business but don’t understand why speech
writers should copy.
Well, it entirely my own opinion.

– chidispalace

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