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What’s happening to Kim? She looks so sick and unkempt

Kim Kardashian sick?

may ask if the show-off TV reality star Kim Kardashian is really sick.
Well mere looking at the photos you may conclude that she is very sick.

We’re used to seeing Kim Kardashian preened to utter perfection.

kim's Health news

over the last few days it looks like the reality queen has decided to
forego the high glamour and mounds of make-up for a more laid back look
as she battles sickness.

On Tuesday, the mum-of-two
kept her head down when she was spotted returning to her luxury New York
Airbnb apartment sans make-up and sporting a messy mane of unbrushed

The star, who has been in New York for the last
few weeks to support husband Kanye West during Fashion Week, was dressed
in an all black outfit made up of long cut-off denim shorts, a long
black baggy T-shirt and a black bomber jacket.

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