Buhari and Wife Aisha

Last week, Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari said his wife, Aisha belongs in the kitchen and bedroom but not in politics.

Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari arrives with his wife Aisha, before taking oath of office in Abuja, on May 29, 2015 (AFP/File)

Buhari made the comment in reaction to an interview granted to BBC by his wife in which she said his government had been hijacked. He received a lot of criticism from Nigerians on social media and the long list doesn’t exclude Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo.

Dokubo took to social media over the weekend ranting against the president’s ‘sexist’ statement.

                                 Hilda Dokubo

According to the veteran who runs an NGO called create – Centre for Creative Arts Education, aimed at using creative arts to empower young people and women, “My name is Hilda Dokubo and I am a woman. I do not belong to the kitchen, I go to the kitchen to fix food for my family and myself, we eat there sometimes. I do not belong there. I do not belong to the bedroom either, I sleep there. My things are there but I do not belong there. It is my rest place. I do not belong to the sitting room, it’s a lounging place I rest there,” she said in a passionate video.

Dokubo was appointed as a Special Adviser to the former Rivers State Governor, Dr. Peter Odili in 2003.

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