A man who decided to break out from lonely ended up with marrying a real life doll.

Strange things happen everyday which makes one to wonder if the end of the world is not finally here.
People have married dogs, goats, trees but an American man called Dirk, tops it all by getting married to a s*x doll he names Jenny and he has been gushing about how much he loves her and cannot change her for anything in the world.
Dirk who bought his doll ‘bride’ for a whopping sum of $6,750, believes Jenny is the best thing to ever happen to him and he has vowed to love, support and share their private lives together.
The strange couple who have been together for four years, do everything every normal couple do, including s*x which Dirk says is very explosive.
Dirk says he decided to marry Jenny  after he suffered a breakdown from feeling lonely. He bought her and they had a normal wedding and since then, the dotting Dirk has been dotting on Jenny, doing everything for her like the caring husband he is.
He says he talks to her and can hear her, and perceive her soul, believing she speaks back.
A photographer, Sandra Hoyn, chronicles the couples day to day activities in pictures.
Dirk says:
“I can’t live without love. My loneliness destroyed me. Jenny is such a sensitive being. She is so helpless.” See More Photos below:


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