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In order to solve the increase of premarital sex, it is important to understand why youth involve in it. Despite all the dangers of premarital sex, there has been a steady increase in it. Hardly have you found a person of twenty five years that is a virgin. Let us examine some of the likely causes to an early sex life.

1. A MYSTERY. Most youths who have not had sex before thought of it as a mystery? They want to demystify the sex stories they have been hearing, seeing in films and experience it.

2. A FUN. Youths believe that sex is fun. Of course yes it is, but only at the right time. They want fun and decide to get involve in it.

3. FEAR OF LOOSING A FRIEND. Most boys deceive their female friends demanding of sex as proof for their love. The boys persuade the girls to understand that only allowing them to have sex with them can maintain the relationship. In most cases the relationship ends after sex is involve.

4. PRESSURE FROM PEER GROUP. Most peer group members have already indulge in sexual immorality and make the ones not in it less qualify to be a member. Sex is always a major discussion point in their meeting. A youth who has not involve in it feels naïve and lack a sense of majority in the group. He or she for this reason can look for a way to experience sex to be accepted in the group.

5. Lack of proper sex education. Sex education in recent years has been to control the sexual transmitted diseases. The real truth about the dangers of illicit sex has not been told. As a result people have continued in this immoral act taking precautionary measures to avoid diseases and pregnancy. A greater danger than venereal disease is involved. The transfer of demons.

6. Lack of parental guidance. Parents are inexcusable for the failure of their children. If parents take pains, persistence, endurance and love in cautioning their children most of the youth would have avoided premarital sex. The Bible encourages us to train our children in the way they should go and when are old they will not depart from it. Proverb 22:6. Training a child is not an easy task, it takes discipline, time and above all love. The training should not be left only for the woman or the man it is a joint responsibility of both father and mother. They must have one voice in decision taking not divided opinion.

7. Uncontrolled lust. There are many beautiful girls and handsome boys in town. The truth is that the beautiful ones are not yet born. Every new beautiful or handsome person seems to be more beautiful or handsome than the previous. If not control can lead to committing fornication and more fornication. Self control is a virtue we need to cultivate. There are many important things all clamouring for our attention we need to stay focus on the most important thing at the moment which might be your education.

This publication was written by DRESMANN OTON

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