5 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Beauty Queens are RAPED, Trapped and Blackmailed

5 Reasons why most Beauty Queens are RAPED,  Trapped and Blackmailed.
1. Greed and Selfishness
2. Loss of Direction
3. Lust, Hunger for sex and Obsession.
4. Rebellion
5. Ungodliness.

We have heard many of these Beauty Queens being raped and later Blackmailed. The attitude of greed and selfishness is part of their lives. They go behind their Boss to negotiate shady deals which sometimes turns to be fraud. They did so because they want the money or fortune all by themselves, along the line trapped down and give their body for remedy.

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Secondly, most of the so called beauty queens are never focus or branded with ideas (people oriented projects) instead they keep going from one night party to another. That’s why they are tagged to be prostitutes. Although some of their bosses are like them without ideas.

Have you forgotten about Queen Esther in the Bible? If you are not conversant with the story, she saved her people and impacted on the her people. She had opportunity with the king and never dangle her hips and waist on the royal bed instead she strived for the benefit of the poor suffering Jews. What are you doing with your waist, hips and Arsenal? Warming the politicians’ bed? Oh no! That’s ungodliness. Think of it ain’t you destined to change lives? So, every Beauty Queen should learn from Queen Esther, the first ever Beauty Queen.

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Queens don’t rebel against their Boss instead they humble themselves. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

Ungodliness is the foundation of destruction. It is the TRUTH!

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