Donald trump

Emmanuel Macron surged to victory against Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election on Sunday, you already know.

Ms Le Pen had vowed to ditch the euro and hold a referendum on France’s EU membership, while Mr Macron wants closer cooperation between the bloc’s 28 nations, but that of only stands NOW.

The US president, Donald Trump has however congratulated Mr Macron and said he looked forward to working with him despite not supporting him initially.

Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen

Mr Trump had previously expressed support for Ms Le Pen because she was “strongest on borders, and she’s the strongest on what’s been going on in France”.

In a statement White House press secretary Sean Spicer said: “We congratulate President-elect Macron and the people of France on their successful presidential election. We look forward to working with the new President and continuing our close cooperation with the French government.”

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