How A Mumbai Entrepreneur Unmasked His Vicious Cyberstalker And Lived To Tell The Tale

Nair had no way of knowing it then, but this was the first salvo in a nerve-wracking stalker campaign of tweets, messages and deception that would drag in colleagues, friends, clients and others. It would leave the 33-year-old entrepreneur anxious, drained and second-guessing for months, wondering who was behind this and what they wanted.

Nair is hardly a household name, but he is an influential media entrepreneur who has won respect for good taste and foresight. He dropped out from college to start Only Much Louder (OML), a Mumbai-headquartered media company known for its NH7 Weekender concerts, promoting independent artists and comedy collectives such as East India Comedy and the uber successful All India Bakchod.

The story as it unfolded over the next four months is a cautionary tale, both about how easy it is for nearly anyone to turn into a dangerous stalker with complete anonymity and zero consequences, and the lack of protections and legal remedies available to any of us, should we, let’s say, start receiving abusive tweets and emails marked to our colleagues one fine weekday morning. Read more

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