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It’s getting hotter, Checkout these Beauty Queens for TNP 2017

The Nigerian Princess Beauty Pageant by Flawless Creation

As Beauty Pageants in Nigeria make waves in Africa and the world at large, The Nigerian Princess has peach their tent at the top to making history in Africa. 

The Nigerian Princess Beauty Pageant is slated for July 02, 2017 in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. This year’s event parade 40 beautiful Contestants who will muscle out with their beauty and creativity to clinch the Crown.
The heat us on as Chidi’s Palace partners with the organizer Flawless Creation of the event to conduct the poll. To help any Contestant clinch the top, vote below through the hashtag and click on any name below the Pictures and select the name of your favourite Contestant then hit the VOTE button. VOTE NOW
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