Jemma Lucy left ‘shaking’ after being stopped at airport security amid fears she was being SEX-TRAFFICKED

Jemma Lucy

JEMMA Lucy was left “shaking” after airport security thought she was being sex trafficked because she was carrying a teddy.

The tattooed model, 28, was holding a cuddly toy of Simba from The Lion King when she was pulled over by security at Manchester airport.

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Explaining on Snapchat that she was initially paranoid that she was being arrested for a criminal offence, she said: “The weirdest thing has just happened, I’m literally still shaking the border security thing, they literally just stopped me and said, ‘Wait a minute Jemma.’

Jemma Lucy

“Asking me questions about where I’ve been, who I am and all this s***, they won’t let me go through.

“I was absolutely shaking, thinking that I was getting nicked, thinking what the f*** have I done that I can’t remember and I’m getting nicked for it.”

With her huge stuffed Simba still in shot, Jemma then revealed: “Turns out it’s all because I’ve got a teddy they thought I was being trafficked

“Like I was being bought over and trafficked as a slut. Not a slut, a prostitute or whatever.

“They thought I was being trafficked cause I had this. Why can’t I have a teddy?

“So my heart is still racing. I can’t believe it’s a sign of being trafficked.”

Later when she arrived home, the prolific Snapchatter was back on her phone.

Jemma asked: “Who you gonna sell me to first? Someone fit? How about I give you a list of the people?”

Then either having been informed of the horrors of sex trafficking, or realising herself that it’s no laughing matter, she said: “Joke over, I’m not making fun of people being trafficked as obviously it’s horrible but it’s just a funny situation that occurred because of a teddy bear.”

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