Police Also Question Ex-Beauty Queen In Rape Investigation Involving Singer & 14-Year Old

A former celebrity model has spoken to police because a 14-year-old who claims a pop star raped her saw her in the hotel on the night of the alleged attack, it was revealed today.

The ex-beauty queen, who was a household name 40 years ago, was in a relationship with the singer at the time of the alleged attack around 35 years ago.

The British pop legend, who is being investigated over claims he raped the 14-year-old girl, is said to be living in fear after his name was circulated around the world.

His model girlfriend was his lover at the time of the alleged attack.

She told The Sun: ‘I was interviewed by the investigator dealing with this case about six to eight months ago. I’m sorry I can’t shed more light on it.’

The singer, who cannot be named in the UK for legal reasons, was revealed as the alleged offender on news websites in other countries.

An old picture of the complainant, now in her 50s, with the superstar also emerged online.

The singer has not been arrested, questioned or charged with any offence, but police have launched an investigation into the woman’s claims.

A source told The Sun that he was ‘petrified’ after his name circulated on the internet.

The woman says she was plied with champagne by the singer who then pinned her down and attacked her in his hotel suite in the 1970s in an ordeal that ‘affected [her] entire life’.

The alleged victim claims she was invited to the star’s hotel after being chosen from the crowd by his bodyguard.

She says she was left covered in bruises following the alleged attack which has left her struggling to have relationships with men.

The girl was attending the concert with a 13-year-old friend after being given free tickets, according to The Sun.

They are said to have hoped for the solo star’s autograph but the ‘naive’ 14-year-old was separated from her friend and taken to the performer’s hotel room.

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