Scarlett Moffatt

SCARLETT Moffatt’s fans did a double take when she uploaded a “serious” Instagram snap on Thursday.

The usually bubbly 26-year-old reality star was straight-faced for a selfie as the week neared it’s conclusion.

Posing in the mirror, Scar Mo snapped herself wearing a floaty white top and some deep tan-red leggings.

However there was no smile on Scarlett’s face – replaced with a sombre pout – and her hair was slicked back.

Scarlett Moffatt

Fans flooded Scar’s Instagram comment section to quiz her about her expression.

“Very serious face,” noted one fan, while another asked: “Why you looking so serious?”

Fans analysed her top – which seemed to be in various parts, tied together – with the top proving to be quite divisive among her fan base.

“You look lovely but not too sure about the shirt,” wrote one fan, with another typing: “Scarlett, i like you and everything, but that outfit is just horrible.”

But others loved the get up, with one writing: “Looking absolutely Gorgeous n irresistibly good outfit Scarlett”

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