MMM Nigeria is waxing more stronger(Sponsored Post)

MMM Nigeria is waxing more stronger every daily

I will like to commend all the participants of the new MMM Nigeria for their steadfastness and sincererity so far. My experience of the new MMM has been awesome, i applaud the steadfastness and honesty of the members towards one another in relation to their matched transaction.

I promise you that if only we continue this way, that MMM will reach its millennium goal. It gives me immense joy how the participants of MMM honour their transactions or decline same honorably. Its a thing of joy and worthy of emulation. I enjoin and urge all the members to continue in this holy path.

If you are still part of those doubting MMM because of what happened in the past, then you are missing out. Don’t doubt it at all. Login to your PO and see how things are working out in the new MMM.

Provide Help now and get 40% on your PH (30% growth plus 10% 2016 Mavro defrost). Its the best and the most reliable platform around.MMM Nigeria, MMM Nigeria is waxing more stronger(Sponsored Post), Premium News24

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Benefits of MMM to Nigerian Society.

  •  MMM has created room for more Data Plan purchase. Glo. MTN. Etisalat. Airtel.
  •  MMM has also created an avenue for Banks to make more money. The transfer we the MMM members do with our mobile banking and also direct payment in bank. We are been charged #65 as the case maybe. For each transfer. So you see that banks are benefiting.
  • MMM members buy things in the market very often. The market women are able to sell their food stuffs. Even Fast Food, Restaurant are booming all because of MMM.
  • MMM has also educated the society and its member through Seminars. Let people know that one must not suffer so much to get paid. Creating avenue for people to learn computer, To be able to P.H and G.H.
  • MMM has Crown it all by giving back to the same society that Benefits from it. Example are Charity organization are been set up. Orphanage home visitation. Taking care of Burnt Victims. Just to mentioned but few.
  •  MMM has been able to engage the minds of young and the unemployed, and has given them courage to withstand this harsh period of recession.
  •  For the civil servants in this period of delayed salaries payment, MMM system has sustained them and has never delayed payment nor owed.
  • for Nigerian students of Tertiary institutions MMM has been able to provide them feeding money, pocket money, money for books,school materials and even tuition etc. Thereby helping them to have better college life.
  •  MMM has been able to bridge the gap between the upper and lower class individuals of the Nigerian society by creating an avenue for everyone to meet basic needs.
  •  reduction of cyber crimes. MMM has motivated Nigerian citizens that instead of defrauding pple online to make money that they should Rather PH and GH and that way no one is hurt.
  • MMM has further enhance fairness, care and national unity. In the spirit if PH and GH we do not choose ourselves who to help but the system does that way encourages to help our fellow country men/women.
  •  MMM has helped Nigerians to be conscious, and thereby killed dat spirit of Africa man time. As d system has shown us dat time is of essence. @ PH & GH.
  • MMM has increased our tithes and donations levels in our various churches and Mosques.
    The list can go on as the benefits are enormous and cannot be over emphasized.
  • MMM has also increase our various statement of account as a result of inflow and outflow of funds from PH & GH. This can help us for embassy or reference purposes. Therefore SEC and CBN we do not need to fight the system that is helping us in several ways. Is like biting the finger that feeds u. If u haven’t benefited directly certainly u know someone that has. MMM has come to stay. MMM Is d change we need, Truly MMM pays.

MMM Nigeria, MMM Nigeria is waxing more stronger(Sponsored Post), Premium News24

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MMM Nigeria, Together we will change the world!!

Below are testimonies from MMM Participants;


My name is drizzykoli; a participant of MMM from Nigeria. I phed 1M and 3M on the 2nd and 6th of May respectively. On the 13th of June 2017, I ghed a total of N6,304,000 inclusive of my 2016 defrosted mavro. Long live MMM together we change the world.


I am Ben, an ordinary participant of MMM. I live in Anambra State Nigeria. On 14/05/2017, I requested to provide help of 3400,000. On 13/06/2017, I requested to get help of 4537,000 and I was matched with wonderful participants who paid me. MMM is real. I invite you all to come and join this wonderful community. Long live MMM 。


My name is Sunday, a participant of mmm from Lagos Nigeria. I am very happy today, 15/06/2017 because mmm released some of my 2016 Mavros and blessed me with N4.199m when I provided a total helps of N3m on 17/05/2017. My people mmm is real. Please join us fast.


My name is Fresh from Lagos Nigeria. I am happy today 13/06/2017 because mmm paid me N3.337m when I provided a Help of N3m on May 12, 2017. Long live mmm. mmm is real my people, please come and join us


My name is chinonso Moses am a participant of mmm Nigeria. I provided help with 2,000,000 on the 29th of may 2017 and get back help of 3,182,000 on the 13 of June 2017 this includes my 2016 mavro too. MMM is the best.




My name is kalu and am a participant of mmm,am from delta state,on the 14th of may 2017 i phed 2million and on the 13th of june i ghed 2million 669 thousand naira and it was paid into my acct,mmm pays, mmm is real


My name is Salihu. I am an ordinary mmm participant. I am from Niger State. I provided help of #1,400,000 on the 13/may/2014 and I provided another help of #600,000 on the 15/May/2017. I requested for help of #2,669,000 on the 13/June/2017. Thanks to sergie Mavrodi.thanks to other mmm participants. Togeh we can change the world.


My name is Timi, a participant of mmm in Lagos. On the 16th of May I provided 1,500,000. On the 15th of June I got help of 1,950,000. My goodness! I got all with monies within 48hrs. Thank youuuuuu mmm.


Hello am Tonti fron Eket ,Akwa Ibom state. Am an MMM participant. On the 4th of May 2017 I provided help of 1300000 naira, and on the 6th of june 2017 I received help of 1729000 naira. I just want to say that MMM pays,

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