Billy Graham Devotional 16 July 2019

Billy Graham Daily Devotional July 10, 2017

TOPIC: Time For Us

KEY VERSE: Do not worry about your life . . . — Matthew 6:25 (NIV)

MESSAGE: Some people ask, “Do you think God has time for me? You don’t know how mixed up my life is, how confused it is; the pressures, the tension at home, the business problems, so many things I couldn’t possibly tell you about, including the sins in my life that I somehow cannot seem to give up.” Yes, God has time for you. Billy Graham Daily Devotional July 10, 2017


Billy Graham Daily Devotional – Thoughts and Actions

When Jesus was dying on the cross, He had time for a thief who turned to Him and said, “Lord, remember me.” That’s all the record tells us that the thief said, “Lord, remember me.” But what he was really saying was, “I’m unworthy. I’ve broken all the laws. I deserve hell. Just remember me.” And Jesus turned to him in that moment and said, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.” Billy Graham Daily Devotional July 10, 2017


The universe is so big, and we’re so small. How could God really care about us?

What if we don’t have time for God? Does He care? Here’s what Billy Graham once said.

Prayer for the day: Even in Your greatest suffering, Lord Jesus, You had time to assure another of Your love. My heart is comforted to know this caring for my soul is infinite.

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