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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional September 29, 2017 – The Tremendous Power in the Name of Jesus



Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional September 29, 2017

Topic: The Tremendous Power in the Name of Jesus

Key Verse: For those whom He foreknew [and loved and chose beforehand], He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son [and ultimately share in His complete sanctification], so that He would be the firstborn [the most beloved and honored] among many believers. – Romans 8:29 (AMP)

MESSAGE: Many people—including Christians—don’t have a clue about the tremendous power in the name of Jesus.

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional Messages: God Isn’t Glorified Through Our Suffering

Have you ever thought about the importance of a name? A person’s name represents and personifies his character, setting him apart from everyone else. When we call someone by name, we are declaring something about that person.

In the same way, when we say the name of Jesus, we are not just speaking a name. We are declaring a name that embodies power—not human power, but all the power and authority of God (see Colossians 2:9-10).

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When we speak that name, we are describing the Person. Jesus means “Savior,” and we are calling Him according to what He does for us—He saves us from sin, from our failures and from circumstances that are not in His will (see Matthew 1:21).

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional Messages: Understanding Grace, Walk In Faith

Many people want to experience spiritual power, but they don’t understand that in order to release it, they must speak the name of Jesus in faith. That wonderful name has been given to those who believe.

As a child of God, speak His name in faith today.

PRAYER: Father God, over every circumstance in my life, I declare the name of Jesus in faith. Thank You for the saving power of Your Son. Amen!

This Daily Devotional Messages was written by Joyce Meyer, the Founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries.


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