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Las Vegas Shooting: What the gunman’s mother said about him 3 years ago



LAS VEGAS SHOOTING – The gunman, Stephen Paddock’s mother once described him as a “bad boy.”

Paddock’s mother described his son as a bad boy during a conversation with a neighbour, Jorge Juertes.

Juertes lived next door to Paddock’s mother when she resided in Dallas, Texas, and said he met the man once.

Speaking about Paddock in an interview with the Star-Telegram, Juertes said the man used to visit his mother occasionally but never interacted with the other residents.

Juertes said, “He wasn’t very sociable. She [his mother] said he’s a bad boy.”

Another neighbour to Paddock’s mother, Maria Alameida, said he bought the house in Dallas for his mother in 2004 before his brother Eric moved her to Florida some time later.

According to Star-Telegram, Paddock himself worked in Texas until some time in 2010, and owned a pilot’s licence while there.

He rented a hangar at the local airport and kept a plane there, paying his rent on time. His flying permit shows he wore glasses for short-sightedness.

He also obtained an Alaska hunting and fishing license while living in Texas.

At the time of the massacre, Paddock was living in Mesquite, Nevada, a short distance from Las Vegas.

He had bought a $369,000 home in a retirement community with the proceeds of a real estate business worth around $2million.

In the days before his attack, he was holed up in a suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel, located on The Strip.

He used 10 suitcases to transport 23 weapons to the room, including multiple rifles, two of which were adapted to allow them to essentially fire on full automatic mode.

After setting up the weapons, including two mounted with scopes and on tripods, he smashed the windows of his suite with a hammer, then opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival below.

Precisely 59 were killed and more than 500 injured, making it the worst mass shooting in American history.

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