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Man who raped 12 year old child awarded joint custody of her child



Sex crime

A Michigan woman who was raped when she was only 12 years old by a then 18-year-old man, Christopher Mirasolo, who held her captive for days and repeatedly raped her, now faces the prospect of sharing joint custody with her evil rapist.

Last week, a Michigan judge decreed that Mirasolo who is now 27, should have joint custody of the victim’s son which she conceieved from the rape.

Sanilac County Circuit Judge Gregory S. Ross ordered a paternity test for the now-21-year-old rape victim’s son after she applied for state aid, her lawyer, Rebecca Kiessling, said in a press release on Saturday.
Mirasolo is been awarded joint custody of the woman’s child despite being convicted of her rape and another sexual assault on a child.

The convicted rapist assaulted the girl nine years ago and she subsequently became pregnant.

After the DNA test identified Mirasolo as the father, judge Ross ordered that his name be added to the birth certificate, he was also awarded parenting time, and the woman’s address was disclosed to Mirasolo without the woman’s consent, Kiessling said.

Kiessling, whose client is not being identified because she is the victim of a sex crime, called the judge’s decision “insane.”

“Nothing has been right about this [case] since it was originally investigated,” she told the Detroit News. “He was never properly charged and should still be sitting behind bars somewhere, but the system is victimizing my client, who was a child herself when this all happened.”

“This case is believed to be the first case of its kind in Michigan, and perhaps in the U.S., in which a rape victim will seek protection under the new Rape Survivor Child Custody Act and proves why a rape conviction should not be required”.
Kiessling said her client is seeking protection from Mirasolo under the federal Rape Survivor Child Custody Act. The law provides grants to states that offer women who conceive a child through rape the option to terminate the rapist’s parental rights if there is “clear and convincing evidence” of the crime.

According to Ms Kiessling, Mirarsolo forcibly raped and threatened to kill her client in September 2008.

“She, her 13-year-old sister and a friend all slipped out of their house one night to meet a boy and the boy’s older friend, Mirasolo, showed up and asked if they wanted to go for a ride,” said Kiessling.

“They thought they were going to McDonald’s or somewhere.
“Instead, he tossed their cellphones away, drove to Detroit where he stole gas from a station and then drove back to Sanilac County, where he kept them captive for two days in a vacant house near a relative, finally releasing the older sister in a park. “He threatened to kill them if they told anyone what happened.”
Mirasolo was arrested a month later, she said, when her client was pregnant.

The victim decided to keep the child as she did not want the “baby to be a victim too” and left school to live with relatives and worked to support herself.

Mirasolo was sentenced to one year in prison but only served six and half months before early release so he could take care of his sick mother.

Mirasolo was found guilty of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and sentenced to one year in jail, but only served six and half months.

In March 2010, just four months after his early release, Mirasolo committed another sexual offence on a victim aged between 13 and 15 years old, he was sentenced to 5 years in jail but only served four years in prison before he was released.

According to court records, he’s been on parole since July of 2016.

According to the conditions of his release, he is a registered sex offender who’s not permitted to have contact with a child 17 years old or younger without the presence of a responsible adult. He also cannot come within 1,000-feet of a school or child care center without approval, or own a computer or device that’s capable of connecting to the Internet.

Barbara Yockey, Mirasolo’s attorney, said it is unclear what her client’s future involvement, if any, will be with the eight-year-old boy he fathered with the victim.

The matters ordered by the court will be taken up at a hearing later this month on October 25th.

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Robber arrested while romancing female victim after stealing from her




Robber arrested while romancing female victim after stealing from her

A suspected thief was yesterday arrested and beaten mercilessly after he made an attempt to romance his victim just after robbing her in Delta state.

It was gathered that the suspect allegedly gained access into a lady’s house with the intention to steal along Yoruba road extension in Sapele area.

Thief arrested while romancing female victim after robbing her

After stealing the lady’s phone, the suspected thief decided to embark on another mission, this time to feed his sexual desire.Robber arrested while romancing female victim after stealing from her

According to the female victim, she felt someone romancing her leg in her sleep as she opened her eyes to see a stranger in her room. She raised an alarm and shouted before neighbours gave the suspect a hot pursuit.

“I was not aware of when he was robbing me because I was deep asleep but was awoken when I realised something was rubbing on my legs. I opened my eyes, only to see a stranger in my room”

It was revealed that the suspect later identified as Julius – was beaten mercilessly by the mob to the extent he pooed on himself.

The lady disclosed that she’s sick and took some drugs that’s why she slept off and didn’t noticed when the suspect entered her house.

The stolen phone was later recovered.

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29-year-old teacher defiles Down syndrome teenager in Lagos




The police in Lagos state have arrested a 29-year-old class teacher, Wasiu Kabiru, for allegedly defiling a 17-year-old teenager at the Down Syndrome Foundation, Surulere, where he was a student.

Narrating what had transpired, the victim said

“One day, I was inside the toilet when Brother Kabiru came to meet me and he used his eyes to tell me to keep quiet. He removed his shirt and trousers and also removed my clothes and did it inside the school and the second one was in the male hostel.”

Kabiru was recently arraigned before an Ogba Magistrates’ Court on two counts of defilement.

The charges against him read

“That you, Wasiu Kabiru, between June and August 2018, being a class teacher at Down Syndrome Foundation on Adegoke Street, Masha Road, Surulere, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did unlawfully had carnal knowledge of the victim, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 216 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State Nigeria 2015.”

Kabiru pleaded not guilty to the charge. The court adjourned the case till October 22nd and ordered he be remanded in police custody.

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Three secondary school students rape 4-year-old girl in school toilet in Thailand




Three secondary school students rape 4-year-old girl in school toilet in Thailand

Three secondary school students rape 4-year-old girl in school toilet in Thailand

A four year old girl was raped in a school toilet by three boys in Thailand.

There are suggestions that the boys may have been armed with a knife. The school was named as Ban Thung Krat School in Bang Lamung.

Speaking during a news conference on Wednesday, September 19, Paveena Hongsakul, who heads a foundation for children and women, called for an urgent review of the position and staffing of toilets used by young children at schools.Three secondary school students rape 4-year-old girl in school toilet in Thailand

At the news conference was the Chonburi provincial police chief and the 41 year old mother of the four year old. They were given the assumed names of Mo and Naen.

Mo said that on September 4th she got a call from teachers at the school where her daughter is in K1. They said there was blood on her underwear.

The child told her mum that she had been going to the toilet in lavatories at the rear of the school.

She said that there were three boys and they had a knife. Doctors confirmed that the little girl had been raped.

Chief Pol Maj-Gen Nanthachart Suphamonkhon said that three boys had been interviewed by police in the presence of social services and were in custody in a juvenile detention center.Three secondary school students rape 4-year-old girl in school toilet in Thailand

The knife that the little girl referred to may have in fact been the penis of one of the boys who has already been charged with rape.

The little girl has been reported as being terrified.

Paveena called for CCTV to be installed at school toilets and authorities to reassess the positioning of toilets for young children on school compounds.

She said staff should be present at toilets used by young children.

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