Adult film star Madison Missina says pornn sexx is painful and ‘the worst’

Madison Missina, a pornstar has lifted the lid on her x-rated career – claiming “there’s nothing sexy about it at all”.

Missina, who has held the title of Pornstar of the Year for three straight years, said having sex on camera can get “quite messy”.

The 35-year-old Aussie veteran has starred in more than 200 porn films since 2012 and in one year alone recorded 55 raunchy scenes.

She said: “It’s quite clinical … and it’s completely void of what makes good sex good.

“There’s a lot of communication before we start filming, so the scenes are really good for the camera.Adult film star Madison Missina says porn sex is painful and ‘the worst’1

“It gets quite messy … and it’s so painful. The worst sex I’ve ever had is on a porn set.”

Missina, who travels the country as an escort, has worked in the industry for 18 years but said it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

The blonde, who came out as gay last year, also went into graphic detail about injuries suffered on set because of how long the shoots can take.

She said: “The only time we will cut mid-scene is because the male has lost his erection — which happens all the time.

“That’s what is funny about men who book me. They often say they hope they’re as good as the guys in the movies, but all the men in porn are on Viagra.”

Although she admits she loves working in the industry, Missina says she struggles to hold down a relationship because of her work.Adult film star Madison Missina says porn sex is painful and ‘the worst’1

She said: “People I’ve dated often see me as a trophy because I’m a porn star,” she said.

“Often they’re attracted to my career, and that’s hugely problematic for me. They like showing up to all the parties with a porn star.

“But I love this industry, the human side to it and I am so lucky to have this extraordinary life and crazy adventures. It’s very exciting.”

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