Bees attack man who stole woofer and force him to return it to the owner

A man was caught in Masindi town Uganda after a witch doctor sent bees to him.

The unidentified man, who allegedly stole a woofer, was forced to return the stolen item after a swarm of bees attacked him and made a home on his head, neck, and almost half of his upper body. As the bee stung him, the thief carried the stolen item and marched into the street to return it.

He is seen carrying the woofer with one hand and trying to slap off the bees with the other hand to no avail. Facebook user Basudde Sam shared the story on his page.

“A guy stole woofers in Masindi town and these bees were sent to arrest him. Someone direct me to the Musawo please,” Basudde wrote.

See photos below.Bees Attack

Bees Attack

Bees Attack

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