Billy Graham Daily Devotional 10th December 2017 – Billy Graham

Topic: Steadfast Love

Key Verse: Your steadfast love, O Lord, is as great as all the heavens . . .  – Psalm 36:5 (TLB)Billy Graham Daily Devotional 10th December, 2017

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MESSAGE: Young people talk a lot about love. Most of their songs are about love. . . . “The supreme happiness of life,” Victor Hugo said long ago, “is the conviction that we are loved.” “Love is the first requirement for mental health,” declared Sigmund Freud.

The Bible teaches that “God is love” and that God loves you. To realize that is of paramount importance. Nothing else matters so much. And loving you, God has a wonderful plan for your life. Who else could plan and guide your life so well?

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Prayer for the day: In knowing I am loved by You, almighty God, my heart trusts You to guide me.

Today’s Daily Devotional Messages was written by Billy Graham, Founder of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

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