Faith to Faith Devotional

Faith to Faith Daily Devotional 7th December 2017 – Pastor Tibi Peters

Topic: The Messenger and the Message

Bible Reading: John 7

Scripture: John 7:16 (NLT)
So Jesus told them, “My message is not My own; it comes from God who sent Me.

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MESSAGE: God who had various times and in different manners sent to the Patriarchs prophets, has in these last days sent to humanity his own son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ did not just come with a message, he himself is God’s message to man. Many did not get the full import of the words of Jesus when he said

“My message is not My own; it comes from God who sent Me.”

This could mean he was one of the prophets to come, just as Jeremiah, Elijah and others. Jesus Christ is the prophet, the servant and the king prophesied about in scriptures; but most importantly he is not just a messenger, he is the message.

Jesus is everything the Father wanted to say to mankind. The embodiment of love, mercy and truth. With the coming of Jesus, the Father has said it all. Every previous prophet brought a fragmented part of God’s message, but Jesus is the full expression of the Father to you and I.

Jesus is not a symbol, He is what was symbolised; He is not a type, He is what was typified. Jesus Christ is the Messenger and the Message.

CONFESSION: I am a recipient of the messenger and the message. Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Lord. In him I live and move and have my being. I change destinies; I Shine!


A Comprehensive one year Bible reading plan for the Old & New Testament has been included in this year’s edition. In the Month of December we are reading through the Books of Hosea to Malachi (67 Chapters) from the Old Testament. We continue to read One (1) Psalm everyday from Psalm 31- 61. With this plan, you will finish the Old and New Testament this year and go through the book of Psalms twice.

Read Previous Faith to Faith Daily Devotional by Pastor Tibi Peters

Faith to Faith Devotional was written by Pastor Tibi Peters, the Senior Pastor of Renaissance Assembly.

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