Faith to Faith Devotional

Faith to Faith Daily Devotional 8th December 2017 – Pastor Tibi Peters

Topic: You Are Free

Bible Reading: John 8

Scripture: John 8:36 (MSG)
So if the Son sets you free, you are free through and through.Faith to Faith Devotional

MESSAGE: The believer in Christ is a beneficiary of the freedom purchased by the blood of Christ. God owes no one any outstanding debts concerning you. You were bought with a price, not partially but fully paid for. You are not about to be free or almost free, you are already free and totally free.

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You are not subservient to Satan, sin, the law or the world. You are only submissive to God. In the same manner in which God delivered the Israelites from Egypt to serve him only, so also have you been made free from everything to worship and serve him only.

If I was given the liberty for a moment to paraphrase this verse of scripture in my own words. It will be read this way: “If Jesus Christ was the one that handled the transaction for your freedom, then consider it done. You are absolutely free”.

Your freedom was not outsourced to any agency or some angel somewhere. Jesus himself bore our sins in his own body on the cross. Jesus took personal responsibility for your freedom, he saw it through from start to finish. You are free through and through!

CONFESSION: Jesus Christ took personal responsibility for my freedom. He handled the transaction for my freedom from start to finish. I am free from Satan, sin, the law and the world. I am free through and through. I change destinies; I Shine!

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A Comprehensive one year Bible reading plan for the Old & New Testament has been included in this year’s edition. In the Month of December we are reading through the Books of Hosea to Malachi (67 Chapters) from the Old Testament. We continue to read One (1) Psalm everyday from Psalm 31- 61. With this plan, you will finish the Old and New Testament this year and go through the book of Psalms twice.

Faith to Faith Devotional was written by Pastor Tibi Peters, the Senior Pastor of Renaissance Assembly.


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