Faith to Faith Devotional

Faith to Faith Devotional 6th December, 2017 – Pastor Tibi Peters

Topic: Believing

Bible Reading: John 6

Scripture: John 6:29 (KJV)

Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.

MESSAGE: Jesus gave the answer to a question that was people might never stop asking. This question was raised while Jesus walked the earth, there are still folks today asking the same question. The question is “ what must we do, to work the works of God? There are many who sincerely want to please God or be on the right side with God. (Faith to Faith Devotional 6th December, 2017)

Perhaps as a believer, you might have been in the place where you asked yourself if you were doing the right thing. The answer Jesus gave is not what many expected to hear. He clearly stated what the work of God is. If you are concerned about what to do here it is “believe”.

Believe in him whom God had sent; believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The work of the believer is believing, that is the effort God constantly requires from you. Believing means trusting, relying, depending on him.

You are to make effort to keep believing.You believed into salvation, you keep believing him every step of the way. The righteous lives by his believing. The constant conflict we face is the effort to distract us from believing. Believing is how you participate with the supernatural.Believing is the God approved work for you.Faith to Faith Devotional

CONFESSION: I am a believer, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe he died, was buried and rose again for me. I am everything he has made me. I still believe and will always believe.
I change destinies; I Shine!


A Comprehensive one year Bible reading plan for the Old & New Testament has been included in this year’s edition. In the Month of December we are reading through the Books of Hosea to Malachi (67 Chapters) from the Old Testament. We continue to read One (1) Psalm everyday from Psalm 31- 61. With this plan, you will finish the Old and New Testament this year and go through the book of Psalms twice.

Faith to Faith Devotional was written by Pastor Tibi Peters, the Senior Pastor of Renaissance Assembly.

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