nurse caught having sex with neighbour

A senior nursing sister aged 69 was caught romping with an ­elderly neighbour in a hospital car park during her shift.

The NHS veteran was spotted by shocked passersby as she got intimate with her 71-year-old lover.

The outraged visitors reported the nursing sister to hospital chiefs.

The affair was exposed when the nurse’s husband found out the hospital had put her under investigation for alleged misconduct.

A source said: “Anyone who saw them must have got a shock – a nurse behaving like that in a parked car isn’t what you expect when you arrive in a hospital.

“It was like a scene from a Carry On film. But sadly her antics in broad daylight have come at a cost to her.

“She was held in such high regard as a nurse. She’s devastated her family and her perfect reputation – all for some nookie.”

The scandal emerged just months ­before the nurse was due to retire ­following decades of devoted service to the NHS.

The nurse has been a senior sister at the hospital for more than ten years and has enjoyed an exemplary career at others prior to that.

“She has won awards and glowing praise from public figures for her work.

Our source said: “You couldn’t ask for a more perfect example of a nurse.”

But the woman’s reputation was called into question after the illicit encounter with her secret lover last June.

The pair were seen engaging in a sex act inside the vehicle during the nurse’s shift.

The woman has been married for over 40 years. She is believed to have adult children and grandchildren.

The nurse and her lover are thought to have lived on the same street for several years.

After horrified hospital visitors saw the romp and reported the nurse, she was summoned to attend a meeting over misconduct.

The 69-year-old was advised she may face a disciplinary hearing.

One source: “I know she was not far off retirement but you would never have guessed it would be them taking these crazy risks at the workplace.”

The Sunday People has decided not to name the hospital.

It is understood the nurse is no longer living with her husband.

The Board responsible for the hospital involved said: “Human Resources investigation policies have been followed.

“We cannot add further comment on an individual staff case.”

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