Drunk' man who thought neighbour's house was his own 'chokes owner to death

A “drunk” man on his way home stumbled into his neighbour’s house, mistaking it for his, then allegedly killed the owner after mistaking him for an intruder.

Michael Augustine, from Raytown, Missouri, Unites States, got into his neighbor’s house, but in his drunken state, he thought he was in his own home. He then choked his 60-year-old military veteran neighbor to death after the mix-up.

Police made the chilling discovery after Augustine, 43, phoned 911 and said he had the intruder “pinned down” in his front garden. Officers rushed to Augustine’s address, but found the house empty and nobody outside. They searched the neighborhood and found Augustine at Clinton King’s house just a few metres away.

Augustine allegedly had the military veteran in a choke hold with no sign of life. Officers immediately scrambled an ambulance, which took the 60-year-old to hospital, but the man was later pronounced dead.

Augustine was charged in connection with the incident by the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Raytown police said later. Police claimed that Augustine was intoxicated, as they detected the strong smell of alcohol and the man’s speech was incoherent.

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