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Today’s Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional January 5, 2018 – Rose-Colored Glasses and Magnifying Glasses



Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 3 August 2018

Today’s Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional January 5, 2018

Topic: Rose-Colored Glasses and Magnifying Glasses

Key Verse: For if anyone thinks he is something [special] when [in fact] he is nothing [special except in his own eyes], he deceives himself. — Galatians 6:3

Message: When we think and talk about what is wrong with everyone else, we are usually deceived about our own conduct. Jesus commanded that we not concern ourselves with what is wrong with others when we have so much wrong with ourselves (see Matthew 7:3-5).

The Bible clearly tells us that when we judge others, we often judge them for things that we also do!

I once asked God why we would do something ourselves and think it was perfectly alright but judge someone else who does it. The Lord spoke to my heart, saying, “Joyce, you look at yourself through rose-colored glasses, but you look at everyone else through a magnifying glass.”

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional: Sowing and Reaping

It’s true! We make excuses for our own behavior, but when someone else does the same thing we do, we are often merciless.

I encourage you to reverse the process—assume the best in others, but keep your own life under the magnifying glass. Allow God to deal with you first, and then you will learn the scriptural way of helping others grow.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, instead of examining the lives of others, I want You to help me examine my own life. I know that with Your help, I can correct the issues I have and find positive, healthy ways to help others grow as well.

Today’s Daily Devotional was written by Joyce Meyer, the president of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

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