One of the prayers family members and well-wishers wish for couples on their wedding day is for them to be blessed with good children.

This signifies that couples are expected to co-habit before kids come though it is not the only way to have babies. However, sex is a vital issue in marriage. A psychologist, Prof. Oni Fagbounge, described sex as an integral part of any marriage.

“It is one of the ingredients that make a marriage work. That is why at the initial stage, when the couple is courting, a marriage counsellor will talk about the importance of sex in marriage and that is, sexual compatibility,” Fagbohungbe stated.

According to the don, sex is a physiological need just like food and when a person is not satisfied, it can leave them in a state of deprivation.

Sex experts noted that the situation has led society into being sex-crazed, and people trying new ways with technological advancement to derive sexual satisfaction. One of the latest inventions is sex dolls which have left many married and unmarried couples thinking of how to add spark to their sex lives to avoid losing their partners to the dolls.

Online source defined sex dolls as a type of sex toy or robot in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in masturbation. A sex doll, it added, might consist of an entire body with face, or just a head, pelvis or other partial body, with the accessories for sexual stimulation.

These dolls have been created to look like real people to fulfil and satisfy the desires of those who purchase them. With the expected coming of the dolls into the Nigerian markets, there have been debates regarding their contributions to relationships and marriages.

Mrs. Doris Anyaoha, who has been married for 23 years, told SUNDAY PUNCH that sex dolls could not be good for the Nigerian society.

Anyaoha stated, “I think it will do more harm than good because it makes you imagine things that you should not imagine. It makes you go out of the limits that God has set. You are just dealing with plastics, metals, etc and using it on your skin. I think it is a perversion.”

Anyaoha is not alone in her line of thought. Mrs. Chinwe Atuba, who held a similar view, added that it was not only wrong but also bad for the health of the person using it. “It involves inserting foreign objects into one’s body. I think such is bad,’’ Atuba said.

According to her, sex is not a do-or-die affair as it is better to engage in it with one’s spouse as opposed to using sex dolls.

Saying sex was created to take place between two married people, Fagboungbe said there could not be real enjoyment in using a sex doll.

He referred to the use of sex doll as ‘precarious enjoyment.’ “If you are watching people dancing, you are happy and moving your body. But it does not make you the dancer. The satisfaction cannot be as deep as when you are the one using your body to do the deed,” the lecturer said.

Fagboungbe insisted that as much as a person might try to get sexual satisfaction from an object, it could not be compared to the real thing.

There have been cases in the western world where people developed deep attraction for dolls and in some extreme situations, married them.

This is perhaps the reason why Mr. Love Itseghosimhe views sex dolls as a threat to marriage. Itseghosimhe, who has been married for over a decade, said smuggling dolls into the concept of marriage could portend danger and bring about some level of unfaithfulness.

He stated, “If I am married and I am using a sex doll to satisfy my sexual urge, then why am I married in the first place?”

Atuba argued that a married person using a sex doll was sending a message to his or her partner that he or she was deriving pleasure elsewhere. “For my husband to get one, that means he is getting satisfaction from somewhere else. It is like your husband is cheating on you,” she added.

Fagboungbe also stated that if a married person brought home a sex doll, the act could leave the other partner feeling replaced.

He said, “It has a lot of psychological implications as there is a love attraction between partners. If you bring home a sex doll, it means you have psychologically replaced the other person and that means, the person is of no value to you.

“This kind of idea and invention has led to the disorganisation of many marriages in the western world and it can produce devastating effects on the family.’’

However, there are some people who believe that sex dolls may be able to solve some problems in marriages especially in the provision of an outlet for sex-starved spouses.

But Anyaoha argued that sex dolls shouldn’t be considered by married couples let alone brought into the home by any of them.

“It is not something I can be comfortable with. If couples are going through difficult times especially in the area of sexual matters, the best thing is for them to speak to one another as opposed to using sex dolls as replacements,’’ Anyaoha said.

Another married man, Mr. Ochuko Okoye, said there was no reason for couples to consider using sex dolls.

According to Fagboungbe, those who believe that the use of sex dolls prevents infidelity use that as a form of rationalisation to cheat on their partners.

He advised couples having issues with their sexual lives to deeply talk about the best way to resolve their challenges rather than seeking assistance in sex objects.

(Dolapo Akitoye writes about sex dolls and the perspectives of married couples about them)