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Man accuses wife of carrying pregnancy for another man




Mr. Ola told the Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve the marriage, citing infidelity and unrelenting determination of his wife, Aminat Ola, to kill him.

The 34-year-old man, told court that Aminat was having an affair with another man, who had now made her pregnant.

“Aminat is cheating on me and she eventually got pregnant for her lover,’’ Mr. Ola alleged.

He also accused Aminat of being fetish and always wanting to kill him, saying that she was in the habit of wanting to stab him during their frequent fights.

“Aminat once brought a liquid substance home and forced me to use it. After drinking and bathing with it, my life became miserable, my business crumbled to the extent that I was begging to feed.”

He said that Aminat hardly stayed at home, adding that “she goes to her parent’s house thrice a week and comes home late.

“She once brought out a knife threatening to kill herself if I stopped her from visiting her mother.”

Mr. Ola said that Aminat never cared for him, alleging also that whenever he gave her money to buy ingredients to make food, she would end up not cooking.

He begged the court to terminate the marriage forthwith because the love he once had for Aminat had completely faded.

“Please, dissolve this marriage. I have never had peace of mind since the day I married her,” Mr. Ola pleaded.

Aminat, however, denied the allegations, saying that she had never indulged in adultery.

“I am not pregnant for any man. I have never cheated on my husband since the very day I married him.”

The 24-year-old fashion maker admitted, however, that she had once threatened to kill Ola with a knife.

“I brought out a knife to defend myself when my husband brought out cutlass to machete me,” she said.

Aminat also denied being fetish as alleged by her husband.

“When I was pregnant, I attended a prayer house and I was given an oil to use. I gave some to my husband. My mother also used from the oil and nothing bad happened to any of us.”

She, however, accused Mr. Ola of infidelity, disclosing that he started dating another woman, barely two years after their marriage.

The mother of one disclosed that Mr. Ola was always accusing her of having an affair with his brother.

“Ismaila brought out a cutlass; made some incantations on it and gave it to me to swear that if I have had sex with his brother I should die within seven days which I did.”

Aminat alleged further that Ola had promised to send her to school when he wanted to marry her but that after their marriage he failed to fulfil his promise but instead enrolled her in dress making.

She begged the court not to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of the marriage, saying she was still in love with the man.

The President of the court, Mr Akin Akinniyi, admonished the couple to maintain peace.

He adjourned the case until March 6 for hearing. (NAN)

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Oyo government shuts Obasanjo Farms in Ibadan




Oyo government shuts Obasanjo Farms in Ibadan

The Oyo State government on Tuesday sealed Obasanjo Farms and 15 other businesses over failure to pay the state’s Environmental Development Levy.

The enforcement order was executed by the state’s inter-ministerial enforcement unit being coordinated by the Board of Internal Revenue.

Other companies affected by the order included Black Horse, Heinemann Educational Books, Lister Flour Mills, Evans Brother, Butterfield bakery, Chicken Republic, MRS oil and Rasmed Publicity.

Chairman of the board, Bicci Alli, told journalists that the order became necessary after the failure of the companies to comply with the state tax laws’ directives despite being served reminders on several occasions.

He said, “We went to restrain some corporate organisations that failed to pay what is due to the Oyo State government after giving due notices, demand notices and even public notices to that effect and they failed to pay.

“So we went to those places to stop them from having access to their premises until they comply with the directive and do the right thing.”

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Nnamdi Kanu is in London, says Orji Kalu




Nnamdi Kanu is in London, says Orji Kalu

Former Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu, on Tuesday said the leader of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, is in London.

He claimed that Kanu fled to the United Kingdom during the time the military were looking for him.

Kalu disclosed this in an interview with newsmen after meeting former Military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi, IBB, in Minna.

He said: “Nnamdi Kanu is where I told you he is, he is in London. He is safe”.

Kalu explained that he visited IBB to canvass support for the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Kalu explained that his campaign for President Buhari had nothing to do with the South-East getting the presidency in 2023 or his perceived presidential ambition.

On the crises over the emergence of candidates at the forthcoming primary election nationwide, Kalu said conflict of interests were normal in politics.

“The crisis is part of political development, if there is no crisis there will not be political development. Crisis is what makes political development there must be crisis and there must be solution”.

The former Governor and his entourage arrived at Babangida’s Hilltop residence Tuesday afternoon in three black Toyota SUVs and two Hillux Vans.

Kalu was ushered into the guest room, where he held a 2-hour closed-door meeting with IBB.

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”I am not involved in inter/intra party politics” – Pastor Adeboye denies begging Tinubu on behalf of Ambode




''I am not involved in inter/intra party politics'' - Pastor Adeboye denies begging Tinubu on behalf of Ambode

There have been reports that the former Lagos state governor Bola Tinubu, had allegedly decided to stop Ambode’s bid for a second term in office by replacing him with Babajide Sanwoolu. This according to the same report, led to an alleged phone conversation between Pastor Adeboye and Tinubu, in which the general overseer begged Tinubu not to dump Ambode.

But in a statement issued on Pastor Adeboye’s social media accounts, RCCG General Overseer has denied ever making the call.

“Our attention has been drawn to news making the rounds from dailies especially the New Telegraph that Pastor E.A Adeboye, the General Overseer of the RCCG had a recent phone conversation with the Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

“We would like to inform the general public that this is false and Pastor E.A Adeboye has not and would not be involved in inter/intra party politics in Nigeria and anywhere RCCG is present across the world. Pastor E.A Adeboye advises all well meaning Nigerians just like him to get their PVCs and exercise their civic duty.

“God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”''I am not involved in inter/intra party politics'' - Pastor Adeboye denies begging Tinubu on behalf of Ambode

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