Naked teen model who fell 14 floors to her death after party in Malaysia was murdered

Local cops said the death of Ivana Smit, 19, who was building a successful career as a model in Kuala Lumpur, was a drug and booze-fuelled accident.

But Mark Williams-Thomas, a private investigator who famously exposed the sickening crimes of Jimmy Savile in a TV documentary, says that if the incident took place in the UK cops would treat it as murder.

After a night out in Kuala Lumpur in December, Ivana returned to the 20th floor apartment of a wealthy American “cryptocurrency trader” and his Indonesian wife at 5am, her family claims.

Several hours later Ivana’s naked body was found after she allegedly fell onto a sixth floor balcony.

Police said there were “no criminal elements” to the death, but her grieving family hired Mr Williams-Thomas – a former cop in Surrey and the award-winning presenter of ‘The Other Side of Jimmy Savile’ documentary on ITV – to probe into what happened that night.

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