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BBNaija 2018 Day 42: Pre-Eviction Fever


BBNAIJA 2018 PRE-EVICTION – The morning after the night before has proven to be canvas for the Housemates to paint all their current feelings about the game so far.BBNAIJA 2018 DAY 42

Salon Talk

This morning started like every other Sunday morning in the House, all the Nominated Housemates began to get their hair done in preparation for tonight’s show and immediately started talking about the looming Evictions. It was evident from their body language and behaviour that many Housemates are nervous. Teddy A and BamBam who are obviously safe, lounged around and gave their two cents about it all too. Cee-c said that if she survives tonight she’ll need a divine intervention, Tobi interjected that if he survived tonight’s Eviction then people must just pack because he’s causing trouble for everyone.


There has been talk that tonight the Housemates will be unpaired which will obviously shift the whole dynamic and change the game. An interesting conversation was arisen through this between Lolu and Leo. Leo stated that he hopes they are unpaired today, but with that said he also feels it taught them responsibility and to not only think for themselves but for someone else. Lolu feels he was paired with the most troublesome girl in the house to which Leo disagrees and feels that Alex is. He goes on to say how Alex loves confrontation and fights and has only toned it down because of him. Lolu said that he feel Alex is provoked by Cee-C and that is why she behaves in this way.

Anxiety Vibes

From Nina’s visible anxious body language to Leo outright saying that he is not ready to go home tonight, there is a definite mood of anxiety in the House. No one is sure of what will transpire and this has caused them to talk a lot about the game and their strategies. Cee-C was clutching at straws talking about previous Big Brother contestants and how the game has worked previously.

This stands to question – What do you think will go down at tonight’s Live Show?

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