Billy Graham 19th June 2018

Billy Graham’s Devotional 9 March 2018 

Topic: The Real You

Key Verse: That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith . . . – Ephesians 3:17

Message: Experts have told us that society is sick. Their solutions have treated human frailty with infusions of low-income housing, welfare payments, integrated education, and psychological conditioning. But we are learning that this is not the total answer. The world does need changing, society needs changing, the nation needs changing, but we never will change it until we ourselves are changed. Billy Graham’s Devotional 9 March 2018

And we never will change until we look into the mirror of our own soul and face with candour what we are inside. Then freely acknowledge that there is a defect in human nature, a built-in waywardness that comes from man’s natural rebellion against God. I am not preaching now, just trying to give you an understanding of what makes you tick. But I also expect to show you that, in the end, you can find your answers only in a personal relationship with God.

Prayer for the day: Billy Graham’s Devotional 9 March 2018
It is useless to hide the real me from You. I pour out this day all my innermost thoughts and feelings, Lord Jesus.

God bless you for reading Billy Graham’s Devotional 9 March 2018 – The Real You


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