Florida rapper livestream himself moments after he was shot to promote new mixtape

A Florida rapper who was lucky to be alive after he was shot by a suspected rival in the hand did the unthinkable after the bloody incident.

28-year-old Koly P from Pompano Beach was reportedly shot Tuesday night at a store. Instead of rushing to the hospital, he went live on Instagram to show his bloody injured hand.

“One of them square n****s just shot me in my hand, dawg,” Koly said. “Square n****s just shot me in my hand at the store. N****s just shot me in my hand. Soft ass n****s,” he said in the video

Koly then went on to promote his “Koly Bible 2” mixtape at his own expense.

“N***a just shot me in my hand. All I do is show love, but I love the way it hurts… make sure y’all get that ‘Koly Bible 2,’” he said. “N****z shot my store up but we will be back open tomorrow.”

The Florida rapper later posted another video of himself at a local hospital, where he’s being treated.

“I’m alright. Nothing I ain’t felt before,” Koly P said. “Whoever f*****g with me, leave me alone. I don’t want no beef, I want the bread, dawg. I’m just tryna be great my n***a. Bread over beef. I’m tired of getting shot, he said in the clip.

See the video clips below:

See another video here

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