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25-year-old British snowboarder suffocates and dies after falling headfirst into snow



British snowboarder suffocates and dies after falling headfirst into snow

A young British snowboarder fell head-first into a snow drit in the French Alps and had been buried for about 30 minutes before he was discovered. By the time the 25-year-old man was found, he had already suffocated.

The man, who was working a season in the resort of Meribel, was found in an off-piste area of the Allues area of the mountain, French authorities have said. It is believed he was unable to release himself from his board.

A spokesman for the Alps mountain rescue told the Press Association it was difficult to say how long he may have been stuck, but estimated it could have been as long as half an hour.

He said: “The snowboarder was alone when he fell. He was spotted by two witnesses skiing nearby who noticed a snowboard sticking out of the snow about 20m from the piste. They then realised that someone might be attached to the board.”

He said the two witness had called for help before trying to reach the young man themselves and lift him out of the snow.

“It was very difficult for them. He was buried up to his pelvis and the snow was very heavy, very compacted.”

He added that mountain rescue services had arrived within minutes but by the time they arrived he was in cardiac arrest. He said that the incident was still being investigated, while an inquest has been opened under the jurisdiction of the nearby town of Albertville.

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