Nollywood: Why I prefer Yoruba movie roles to Igbo – Regina Chukwu


NOLLYWOOD – Regina Chukwu of Igbo origin has revealed why she prefers to act in the Yoruba movie world than that of the English speaking one. While answering that question, Regina said;

Even though I am Igbo, I act mostly Yoruba movies. I actually speak Yoruba more fluently than my native language. When I first told my late husband I wanted to join the movie industry, he said I would be acting English movies. However, at the time I decided to join the industry, the person who introduced me was a Yoruba actor. Even when I tried to get close to the English movie producers, they weren’t as welcoming as the Yoruba people. The Yoruba people’s structure is stronger. In the English sector, a lot of people would want to sleep with you before giving you roles.

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