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2018 World Cup: Meet Lady who takes off her top whenever Peru scores



Lady who takes off her top whenever Peru scores

Lady who takes off her top whenever Peru scores

Meet a young lady who is well known for taking her top off whenever her team scores a goal.

The young lady, Nissu Cauti, has been labelled the ‘girlfriend’ of the Peru national team because she takes her top off whenever they score.

Nissu’s own brand of super-fan antics first sprung to attention three years ago when Peru battled their way to third place at the Copa America in Chile.

TV cameras swarmed around the model as she took the South American tradition of cheerleading from the stands to new peaks.

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She took her top off baring it all before the cameras.

After Peru’s Group C opener against Denmark on Saturday evening in which her side failed to find the net, despite getting a penalty, Nissu will be hoping to peel off against France next Thursday and Australia on Tuesday, June 26.

She has already posed nude, after a World Cup qualifier against Venezuela.

But Nissu’s most sporting gesture was a promise to strip off and wear the Uruguay kit if Luis Suarez and Co beat Peru in a qualifier two years ago in Montevideo.

And sure enough Edinson Cavani bagged the only goal for the hosts.

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Nissu ensured the winners were extra lucky Guays by keeping her word.

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