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BBNaija: Teddy A fires back at his baby mama’s rant: ‘Nobody can stop the sun from shinning’



Teddy A fires back at his baby mama’s rant

Big Brother Naija ex-housemate, Teddy A, who was called out in a Twitter rant by his baby mama, Layla for being a deadbeat father, has reacted to the post.

Though his post didn’t address the issue squarely, however it reads;

“Nobody can stop the sun from shinning. E no possible! We going places.”Teddy A fires back at his baby mama’s rant

Recall that Layla had claimed that she has secrets that can make people see Teddy A in a negative way. Teddy A’s babymama also shared screenshots of a Whatsapp chat, backing up her claim of being begged to write a fake post of the reality show star, being a great dad to their son.

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She tweeted;

I don’t have a short temper, I have a quick reaction to bullshit. Before you give money to fans left and right take of your kid first smdh. Ain’t playing with you nigga I am allergic to bullshit.

Fear what you don’t know. I got so much prove on your ass so don’t Bleep with me before I scatter your fake life mumu. I’m trying to keep my cool but I guess u like my wahala.

Oya Hurricane Layla on the way to scatter everything with facts. Whatever ppl thing of me don’t matter I’m tired of taking care of my son while you’re there having fun Nd living the fake life, fake everything.

I keep warning you but your mumu self Won’t listen, arrogance will kill you. You know I got so much prove on your ass if I put it on here they will loose respect for you so stop bleeping with me nd be a good father to your son stop showing ppl fake life Before I blast you

I have time today. How many time I warned your ass. U can lie don’t them but not me cuz you know the secrets I got on you. So piss me off one more time and they will know who chief Tope is. Why these mother fuckers thing is ok to let a mother take care of their pikin while u here having fun, nah I’m not one of those BM

You are so manipulative only a mumu can’t see it. I go with the flow, you want wahala I’ll serve it you want peace u know what to do. For 5 yrs I been taking of my son the first you send him money was on his bday, so don’t tell I didn’t try o

I call him send him messages to keep peace but I guess he like to Bleep with me. Your son should be your priority nigga. They don’t know the way I know you so stop bullshit Nd be a good father to your son nd stop deceiving yourself biko.

I’m a mother so i won’t let that slay anymore, chief Teddy A is so ungrateful. Please Chief Teddy just try me one more chai the way I’ll blast your fans won’t be ready Omo the truth is bitter o. Omo this baby momma got some power I will leave it there, he knows what I’m talking about so chief respect yourself I beg Nd do the right thing. You don’t hear me well I don’t give a fuck

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Nina Ivy flaunts hot legs in a blue outfit (Photos)




Nina Ivy flaunts hot legs in a blue outfit

Former BBNaija housemate, Chinonso Onyenobi popularly known as Nina Ivy flaunts her hot legs in new photos.

See full photos below,  Nina Ivy flaunts hot legs in a blue outfit

See more photos of Nina Ivy below

Nina Ivy flaunts hot legs in a blue outfit Nina Ivy flaunts hot legs in a blue outfit


Nina Ivy flaunts hot legs in a blue outfit

Is Nina not beautiful?

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Bobrisky attacks Nina, calls her a bastard after Tunde Ednut trolled her




Bobrisky attacks Nina, calls her a bastard after Tunde Ednut trolled her

Just after Big Brother Naija star, Nina, was trolled on by social media influencer, Tunde Ednut, she has been further dragged by cross dresser, Bobrisky.

Tunde Ednut had written;

2018… Who still dey snap picture holding car key? SWAGGER. “Wait wait, don’t take the picture yet, Oyiiiiiiiiiin where is your bag, please give me your car key”. #OldenDaysBobrisky attacks Nina, calls her a bastard after Tunde Ednut trolled her

Also wading in on the troll post, Bobrisky who is Tunde Ednut’s archenemy, recounted how much he suffered to be friends with Nina. According to him, though he is never cool with Tunde Ednut, but Nina deserves more shades.

Read his post below;

How can I stop seeing that thing on my timeline, I just wanna assume we never meet or she never exist. But the more I keep seeing her on my timeline, I keep remembering how I suffered for this thing called Nina. Case close

I’m never cool with Tunde Ednut and I doubt if I’m going to be cool with him. But the issue of shading Nina, that thing deserve more shading

The last time Tunde shaded Nina it was I and Tonto who suffered it. Despite the insult, Tunde gave us Tonto Dikeh from her heart of gold still gave that bastard a phone

This is not the first time Bobrisky will be calling out Nina. However recall that Nina penned down an open letter to him after he felt Toyin Lawani stole her from him. Her’s her open letter to Bobrisky below;

I’m generally a cheerful person. I’m usually full of love, life, and happiness. I open my eyes in the morning and feel excited to be alive.
There was a time, though, when it wasn’t so easy in the big brother naija house When blinking and breathing and speaking all took so much effort that I thought I may as well give up: I was in a dark hole of sadness and anger and confusion.
I didn’t think I was gonna make it, but you rooted for me
For the friend who stood by my side through the storm for you Bobrisky the person who could see through my darkness when I wasn’t able to.

For the beautiful soul who believed in transformation, who believed in healing, and time, and growth. Who never once judged me for my heartache, grief, and anguish ,naevity .
Who, when the world gave up on me , gave me a piece of hope, a breath of fresh air, and a tiny scrap of faith that things might begin to change.
For the friend who was delicate with their words and capable of pushing me forward. Who didn’t mind what people where saying against me in dark corner, who actually stood his ground to help me
You endured and took alot of insult for my sake,You pulled me through an impossible tornado that I thought was going to eat me whole.
You loved me at my worst. You never gave up on me. You saw through my opaque pain.
Dear friend,
Thank you.

But I’m trying to build up my life,I didn’t know you had all this difference with Toyin Lawani,but then again when i found out i said to myself..i shouldnt involve myself it’s between you two..
And am free with both of you..I hate having enemies….
I’m never ungrateful I have always been grateful for all you did for me and will always be..
I hope you see through my point and understand
Thanks @bobrisky222

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Ifu Ennada reveals why her friends left her after BBNaija




Ifu Enada

Reality TV star, Ifu Ennada has revealed that she lost two friends after leaving the Big Brother Naija house.

She explained that the friends changed their attitudes towards her because they felt upset that she has not been giving them the much needed attention after she found fame.

She went on to explain that there’s now so much pressure on her and asked if they would rather she had all the time for them but stayed poor.

Read her post below:Ifu Ennada reveals why her friends left her after BBNaija

She had written:

Ifu Ennada, who seems to be quite emotional and always endeavors to pour out her mind when ever she is being bothered, once called out critics of her outfit at the 2018 Headies Awards.Ifu Enada

“Chief Priestess, Sango’s Assistant, Confused Idiot” – These are some of the names I’ve been called because of my Headies outfit. While we may see things differently, I believe showing kindness even when expressing a distaste for something such as this is an attitude we can all adopt. The name calling gets to me guys. I’m human just like you are. Some people went as far as insulting @kokobykhloe and accusing her of styling me. Guys, Koko did not style me and she certainly isn’t a terrible person.

“Also, I’ve been bashed by more than a handful of you for my reconciliation with CDQ. Well, I’m all about peace, love, and progress. Some people took the insults from my comment section to DM and now emails. Una no dey tire to insult person? Please let’s learn to live in peace and harmony. No one is perfect. Those of you saying I accused him of sexual assault should get their facts right as well. I never said that consciously or unconsciously. The person who made me write and produce my short film – Tears of A Broken Virgin knows himself, karma and justice will catch up with him soon, trust me.

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