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Disturbing videos show policemen attached to a King in Kwara state flogging a motorcyclist



The disturbing video showing policemen attached to the Olusin of Isanlu flogging and manhandling a motorcyclist was shared online by an IG user @oluwalodiwamu. Read what he wrote about the incident below

”What is happening in Nigeria with the so called Police men/Sars ! I was in a little traffic along the uncompleted road of Ajase Ipo Ilorin when I suddenly a bike on motion running towards the drainage and jumped out to escape the chase by Olusin of Isanlu Isin entourage which happens to be Nigeria police men. He left his bike and as they were about to carry it, he came back begging and they started beating him mercilessly. What could he have done in a traffic caused by abandon road project to deserve this treatment of beating with Koboko ????”

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Watch the video below

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